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Luigi Grasselli




Research Activity

Author of more than 60 scientific publications, concerning topics of Algebraic Topology, Geometric and Combinatorial Topology, Knot Theory, Graph Theory.

In particular:

  • study of n-dimensional pl-manifolds represented by edge-colored graphs;
  • applications of the representation theory by edge-colored graphs to the Random Tensor Models Theory, as an approach to Quantum Gravity;
  • study of the relationships between the representation by edge-colored graphs and other known theories for representing pl- manifolds (Heegaard diagrams, colored knots, Seifert fibrations, RR-systems, branched coverings);
  • research of standard spines for tridimensional manifolds;
  • structure of the fundamental groups of tridimensional manifoldsi;
  • applications of the tessellation theory in engineering contexts;
  • relationships between art and geometry.



The international conference " Geometric Topology, Art, and Science " (Modena, 08 June 2023 - Reggio Emilia, 09-10 June 2023) has been held on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

The slides of the Opening Remarks of the above conference are available here